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Lakshya Invest was established in Pune Maharashtra. We focused on wealth creation for all investors.
Most people went to school, colleges and never learned how money works, so they spend their lives working for money.
We are the first 100% Practical Financial Education Group, who will help you LEARN techniques and educate you to understand the power of Money and how it works. Better, how to make it work for you.

Do we have the right guidance about money in our lives?
We may earn all our lives, however, we may not be able to achieve the wealth or the financial freedom and the reason is financial education. Just earning in your life doesn’t necessarily make you wealthy. It is the right knowledge and the understanding of money workings, right financial education, right investments at the right time. Understand that Wealth is a consequence, not a reward.

You can make lots of money and still enjoy your job and sleep well at night ???? Actually creating wealth is a PLAN, not a product or procedure. So, are you planning to be rich & wealthy?

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“The MOST TRUSTED AND RESPECTED FINANCIAL SERVICES, backed by our core philosophy of trust, transparency and utmost client satisfaction”

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Live Market Customer Support's 99%
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